Euromodal understands concrete. It knows the materials, it knows the products and it knows the customer’s needs. It believes that excellence makes the difference. Euromodal pursues the highest quality in everything it does, produces and tests, and in all the technical support given to customers. In long-term partnerships, our aim is to contribute decisively to customer success. Our customers’ success is our success. Therefore, Euromodal formulates compositions of all kinds of concrete, it provides the best admixtures, it has a laboratory with the most technologically advanced equipment and it has a highly qualified and dedicated team. This commitment to excellence is shown in both the development of new solutions and in the resolution of customers’ specific problems. Furthermore, we are committed to research and development in close collaboration with higher education. Since 2014, Euromodal has been certified with EN 934-2 and EN934-5.
Started in 1986 in Porto, today Euromodal has four partners: Augusto Cardoso, José Pereira, Francisco Araújo and Jorge Araújo. We export to countries such as Spain, Brazil, Angola, Mozambique, Guinea-Bissau, Guinea, Gibraltar and Ivory Coast.
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