Euromodal invests in new facilities investe em novas instalações
Euromodal invests in new facilities
14 October, 2016
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19 October, 2018

Nova face do armazém da Euromodal, conseguido com os fundos comunitários do Portugal 2020

Euromodal recognises EU funding importance in achieving recent commercial successes

Euromodal continues to develop its modernization and expansion project with the Portugal 2020 initiative in a sustainable way, according to its investment plan.

Initialized in 2013 with a total investment of 2 million euros, Euromodal is starting to reap the benefits of its internationalization plan.


In the end of 2016, Euromodal concluded a series of tests that resulted on the supply of admixtures to large construction sites in Africa. With these shipments, Euromodal is increasing considerably its exporting rate, a declared objective from the beginning, as referred by Francisco Araújo, one of the four partners of the company:

«It took several incursions, usually under dire conditions. Bear in mind the Ebola case, now less mentioned, that in the beginning was a constant threat.», he remembers. «Despite the difficulties, the success of the application the EU investing depended on exports and, therefore, we had to rely on our technical excellence in order to gain the trust of our prospective clients». Which turned out to be confirmed.


All this effort will be supported with the construction of the new factory and and laboratory of reference, that will be finished in the end of February.

The international and national expansion sits on the shoulders of Euromodal’s manufacturing and storage capacity. Production Manager, and partner, José Pereira reports: «We were reaching our limit capacity, which shows, by itself, the enormous expansion of these last years. Growth pain was starting to show. With the acceleration in sales that was foreseen Euromodal needed new facilities that ensured our client’s satisfaction, who are always our number one priority».


Euromodal is proud to have hired, along with the Financial Manager Maria João Cardoso, another feminine management element, Laboratory Manager Ana Gomes, which tells us: «The transition to the new laboratory is to be finished soon. This week we shall receive all the equipment, well in time for the 2017’s audits. With the accreditation of the laboratory, we will be a reference in Portugal and Europe which will certainly launch Euromodal to the forefront of concrete industry.» LEME, the acronym for Euromodal’s Materials Testing Laboratory, will work independently from the mother company and aims to steer the course of the concrete technical knowledge in Portugal.


The most senior member of Euromodal, founder and partner Augusto Cardoso, with 49 years in the company, narrates the exciting growth history of this company. «I started my way here when I was 24 years old and it is with imense pride that I watch as it grows determinately and with solid steps, both in Portugal and beyond borders. We are all aware of the difficulties our country, and in particular construction, are going through, hence the importance of deals as Portugal 2020, from the EU’s community funds. In spite of our quality something that would take us a decade to conclude, took instead half of it.»


Thus, Euromodal keeps at with full steam, remembering its motto “We understand Concrete”.

Imagem completa do armazém construído com ajuda dos fundos do Portugal 2020

Full image of the wharehouse being built with help from the community funds from Portugal 2020 and EU