Euromodal is born in 1986

It connects vision and ambition

Anticipates the Future

Always associated with the introduction of innovative products and the German market, it seems natural that Euromodal was born in the year Portugal entered the European Union. In 1986, Augusto Cardoso, José Pereira and Joaquim Araújo bought the company Modal and renamed it Euromodal – a name that marries vision and ambition. The three partners believed in the potential of the bankrupt company that had already enjoyed its golden age during 20 years of existence. Augusto Cardoso, in accounting, and Joaquim Araújo, in production, had contributed to Modal’s success by selling the admixtures they produced and innovative German products such as abrasives and water-repellent oils, mould releases and air entrainers.
They knew exactly how to revive the business and dedicated themselves to the two extreme ends of the value chain: international suppliers and customers in Portugal.
They quickly regained the confidence lost in the difficult post-25th of April economic environment. Business with the German company Woermann was essential for the new impetus. The young sales director of this company, who was the principal supplier, and Francisco Araújo, son of Joaquim Araújo, and currently a partner, immediately understood, saw the win-win opportunities and decided to introduce new products into the Portuguese market.
In order to respond to customers’ needs, Euromodal completed the portfolio. Since 2000, it has offered services ranging from technical support, formulating mixtures and conducting various kinds of laboratory and on-site testing. At that time, the company now had two new partners: brothers Francisco and Jorge Araújo, both civil engineers and successors of father Joaquim Araújo, who had died in 1992.
With the expansion plan established in 2013, Euromodal is currently engaged in preparing the future – a future of the highest quality, even closer to customers and more international. The aim is to increase the rate of exports from 25 to 40 percent. In order to realise the plan until 2023, Euromodal is investing 2 million euros in new plants, in the most recent equipment, in expanding the team with highly qualified engineers, in close collaboration with Higher Education Universities and in an image refreshment.