Superplasticizer Superplastificante WOERMENT FM 735
14 October, 2016

Limpiol 354

    LIMPIOL 354
    Cleaning agent and equipment maintainer that is in contact with concrete


    To clean and maintain equipment in contact with concrete



    LIMPIOL 354 can be used in mixers, transport trucks, pumps, concrete plants and vibrating machines and tables.

    Can be used as a release agent when a fast demoulding is required.

    The special characteristic of LIMPIOL 354 is that it can be applied in boht wet and dry surfaces. This saves time and costs as the cleaning and maintenance of the equipment are possible without any significant interruptions.

    Active substances impede accumulation of concrete and mortar. If applied constantly, existent incrustations will reduce substantially.


    Base raw-material:
    Additive technical oil