Hidro-expansive waterstop gasket Junta Waterstop Hidroexpansiva Duroseal
Hidro-expansive WATERSTOP GASKET
14 October, 2016
Hardening Accelerator Acelerador de Endurecimento Woergunit CSH
14 October, 2016
Demoulding Agent Descofrante Relago 461

Descoftantes Relago 461

    Demoulding agent for porous formworkDescofrante para cofragens porosas



    • RELAGO BIO, mixed in water, forms a demoulding emulsion of chemical and physical action that acts as a demoulding agent between wooden formworks and concrete;
    • High quality demoulding agent, for an easy demoulding work;
    • Increases the usage time of the wooden moulds and reduces the cleaning process required, reducing the oxidation;
    • The concentrated emulsion of RELAGO BIO acts by its absorption on the wooden formwork;
    • It is recommended for on site works.