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14 October, 2016
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14 October, 2016
Hidro-expansive waterstop gasket Junta Waterstop Hidroexpansiva Duroseal

Junta Waterstop Hidroexpansiva Duroseal

    Hidro-expansive WATERSTOP GASKET


    Acrylic polymeric Hidro-expansive WATERSTOP GASKET that can be used in walls, reservoirs, tunnels, hydraulic structures, garages, cannals, pools, water treatment stations, transportation infra structures, etc.


    • Great durability, resistance to ageing, if protected from direct sunlight and can be stored by an unlimited amount of time;
    • Easy application;
    • Cold resistant;
    • Resistant to natural acids;


    The hidro-expansive profile of the gasket are a water tight system that impede the water passage, by an increase in volume, mobilized by the capacity of storing water on the polymeric matrix.

    This gasket is characterized by the durable capacity of volume increase, by the reversible volume change and by the exceptional chemical resistance.