Hidro-expansive waterstop gasket Junta Waterstop Hidroexpansiva Duroseal
Hidro-expansive WATERSTOP GASKET
14 October, 2016
Hardening Accelerator Acelerador de Endurecimento Woergunit CSH
14 October, 2016
Liquid Pigments Pigmentos Líquidos

Pigmentos Líquidos

    Liquid Pigments



    • High quality pigments in suspension, based on iron oxide to colour cementitious construction materials;
    • The pigments are available in different tonalities of the colours yellow, orange, red, brown and black;
    • The ready to use pigment tints the concrete structure homogeneously and allows for an easy distribution of the pigment on the concrete mix. This process ensures that a regular and reproducible colour scheme is achieved, with an intense shine and colour;
    • The liquid pigments have the big advantage over the powder pigments in that they can be added with ease, promoting the overall production cleanness and avoiding dust inhalation by the workers.