Hidro-expansive waterstop gasket Junta Waterstop Hidroexpansiva Duroseal
Hidro-expansive WATERSTOP GASKET
14 October, 2016
Hardening Accelerator Acelerador de Endurecimento Woergunit CSH
14 October, 2016
Acelerador de Presa Setting Accelerator Woergunit F100A

Setting Accelerator Woergunit F100A

    Setting Accelerator


    Setting accelerator for shotcrete



    • High performance setting accelerator developed for all applications;
    • High initial strength, without affecting the final strength of shotcrete;
    • Particularly adequate for shotcrete that requires an optimized cohesion and adherence, high initial strengths and low rebound during application;
    • These objectives can be achieved with concrete with a water/cement ratio lower than 0,5 (including water from the aggregates and in other admixtures). for applications with lower requirements of cohesion and adherence and lower thickness in one appliance, higher w/c ratios can be enough;
    • WOERGUNIT F 100 A allows for a rapid progression even in adverse meteorological conditions such as low temperature.