Hidro-expansive waterstop gasket Junta Waterstop Hidroexpansiva Duroseal
Hidro-expansive WATERSTOP GASKET
14 October, 2016
Hardening Accelerator Acelerador de Endurecimento Woergunit CSH
14 October, 2016
Setting Accelerator Acelerador de Presa Woergunit SA 160

Aceleradores de Presa Woergunit SA 160

    Setting accelerator


    Setting accelerator for Shotcrete:

    • Temporary or permanent supports in tunnels or mines;
    • Embankment stabilization;
    • Equally recommended to accelerate grouts during the pre injection and in the projection of light mortars.


    Liquid setting accelerator for wet shotcrete, alkali and chloride free.

    Adequate for applications where a fast hardening and high early strength is required and in applications where a big thickness is needed.

    WOERGUNIT SA 160 is designed ideally for wet shotcrete for temporary and permanent soil support.

    • The fast hardening property ensures that the advancing cycles can be easily optimized and increases the capacity of applying large concrete thicknesses at once;
    • Fast hardening with continuous development of initial and final strength, improving the durability of shotcrete;
    • The generation of dust during application is minimized and, therefore, the work environment improves;
    • Reduction of the rebound effect, when the projection tip is at an adequate distance and angle;
    • The non-agressive chemical properties ensure a great working safety. At the same time the environmental impact and handling costs are reduced when compared to other accelerators which are more chemically aggressive and labelled as ADR.