Water Resistant Hidrófugo IMPERVIUS HWR-280
14 October, 2016
14 October, 2016
Setting Retarder Retardador de Presa Lentan VZ 33

Retardador de Presa Lentan VZ 33

    Setting Retarder


    Ready mix concrete



    High quality liquid setting retarder admixture, without chloride, that controls the cement hydration dynamic. It delays the hydration by suspending the whole process and allows the reactivation to occur hours, or even days, later without any loss of quality of the hardened concrete.

    LENTAN VZ SP is used in:

    • Mines and tunnels;
    • Temporary and permanent supports;
    • Slope stabilization;
    • Cementitious injection systems;
    • Annulus grouting (TBM).


    With the use of LENTAN VZ SP, the dry and wet concrete mixes can remain workable up to 3 days. This gives considerable benefits to the mixing and using of the concrete:

    • Deliver options totally flexible for shotcrete;
    • The need for cleaning pumps or pipes during interruption is eliminated;
    • Full use of either dry or wet mixes;
    • Savings in time and costs.

    In addition to these benefits, a considerable reduction of the rebound effect and dust formation is observed.