Superplasticizer Superplastificante WOERMENT FM 735
14 October, 2016
Stabilizer Estabilizador Woerlith 260

Estabilizador Woerlith 260

    WOERLITH 260
    Stabilizer with waterproofing properties and colour intensification


    Semi-dry compacted concrete. Specially appropriate for coloured concrete.



    • Admixture for the fabrication of semi-dry concrete products, vibrated or pressed, such as pavers, slabs and curbstones;
    • Generates a waterproof structure in concrete during the production process;
    • The water penetration in the hardened concrete is minimized and the appearance of efflorescences is diminished;
    • Homogenizes the concrete texture and ensures an intense and balanced colouring;
    • Improves cement dispersion in concrete, that leads to an homogeneous structure and a closed concrete surface.