Water Resistant Hidrófugo IMPERVIUS HWR-280
14 October, 2016
14 October, 2016
Superplasticizer Superplastificante Woerment FM 818

Superplastificante Woerment FM 818



    Superplasticizer for low viscosity ready mix concrete



    • Admixture with Euromodal’s new Perfect Flow technology for concrete;
    • For the production of low viscosity concrete, being a superplasticizer specially developed for ready mix concrete;
    • Concrete with a very low water/binder ratio by strongly reducing the water in the mix;
    • Consistency maintenance without setting delay and no reduction in initial strength;
    • Strong viscosity reduction with a robustness increase.


    Summary of the Perfect Flow technology advantages:

    • Reduction and control of concrete’s viscosity;
    • Better rheology, lower concrete viscosity, thus promoting a lower pressure during pumping, even with low w/c ratio concrete;
    • Reduced mixing times;
    • Easy concrete placement and compaction;
    • Specially developed for the production of concrete for industrial pavements without the usual “glueing” effect or the “elephant skin” effect (differential hardening);
    • Better behaviour with the variation of the chemical composition of cement (specially in C3A and alkali content and type of calcium sulfate) and problematic cements;
    • Flexible to the environmental changes, with an exceptional performance in high temperatures;
    • Good for problematic aggregates, such as coarse sand;
    • Good for long transport and worksite waiting times;
    • Ensures delivery on the required consistency.