Euromodal offers services of excellence. We are with you during all the stages of your project. We are specialists in:

Mixtures Formulation

Focused on the best results and on the highest levels of quality, Euromodal optimises the batching of the concrete constituents. We formulate concrete compositions with optimised performance at the lowest cost.

Laboratory and on-site tests

In-depth knowledge of concrete – materials, admixtures, behaviours, reactions, rules and laws – coupled with vast experience and latest generation equipment are the factors that make Euromodal a valuable partner. The laboratory enables us to monitor the entire implementation process and offer complete, excellent, cost-effective and rapid solutions. We manage to go immediately from laboratory tests to on-site tests. On site, we test the compositions formulated in the laboratory under actual conditions. With a good reaction capacity, Euromodal offers top quality technical assistance.

Technical Support

If you need a new solution or to solve a problem, Euromodal is your partner. We have answers to all concrete-related challenges and we overcome any difficulty with our profound know-how, methodology and dedication.